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Executive Entrepreneur Mentoring and Coaching Academy

Becoming an entrepreneur is now easier but scaling the business into growth to achieve global brand has been major concern as researches shows that over 90% of the new businesses dies before 5 years of existence. With advances in technology, finance and communication changing the world landscape, it presents us with good opportunities to excellence in business world. There is no argument that entrepreneurship is fast becoming more and more option for an alternative to “Traditional” Career

An Entrepreneur is someone who has had a commercial idea or vision and believes the perceived rewards will be more to its risks.

There are some questions and pointer that need to be answered and pointer that are required upon starting the journey. Our company assist the clients to establish their vision, manage the associate risk by taking action steps to maximize their personal/ business potentials.

The “Entrepreneur Breed Academy” programme delivers all the core skills necessary to take your business from an idea through to actual realisation while we tailored our training programmes to specialised businesses that has great potential for growth and improve country’s economic condition. 

How we deliver our programme:

  • Classroom Based Learning: Very engaging interactive group sessions with key teaching areas and group learning workshops
  • Group Based Workshop/ Field Learning Experience
  • Face to Face Executive Mentoring Coaching Session
  • 1-2-1 Coaching Session
  • Bi -Annual Skills revalidation and performance monitoring Session
  • Continuous Business Conference/ Seminars/Exhibition participants invitation

How long?

Based over 1 month or Two weeks intensive core program, the initial skills delivery is based on the following core modules areas that every enterprise needs to succeed – It ensures both skills to establish and drive your business are achieved.

Topics Covered

  • Your Mindset Re-engineering; knowing your environment, yourself and creating a commercially viable vision for your life and enterprise.
  • Market and competitor Analysis – Your Opportunities / Entry routes
  • Sales, Marketing, and Communication- (personality building, public speaking techniques, Synergy and delegating priorities)
  • Finance, Funding and Accounting
  • Technology enabling business: Websites /Database /Contact Systems
  • How to build a brand from non-existence to become global.
  • General Commerciality -Understanding your industry language and activities
  • Developing a workable/Viable Business and Commercial Plans
  • Customer attraction, Care and profiling, references and retention and loyalty rewarding
  • Management and Leadership skills
  • Staff – HR, Onboarding, Appraising and Motivating
  • Operation, Organization, contract negotiations and Legal Binding terms.

Bi -Annual Skills revalidation and performance monitoring Session Topic

  • Your Business Metric Check – What works and what has not been working
  • Thinking OF growth -Taking a giant step
  • Attracting major premium client in your space.
  • Access International Market for your business
  • Transformation 10 times, Achieving influence and Impactful.
  • Your Business challenges and opportunities
  • Scaling to High leverage with system modulation
  • Strategic partners module
  • Becoming the Authority and Major brand or force in your industry
  • Networking with other complementary industry.

Executive Business Seminar Opportunities

This is a unique platform that gather senior professionals and executive to interact with contemporary challenges facing their industry with the mind of finding solution to these challenges. The platform provides the opportunity for these executive to learning and gain specific business information and insights that will move their personal and business growth to the next level. The uncommon networking opportunities has also been part of positive feedback received from the participants.

How we work

We deliver above through a seminar through a syndicated learning and executive session approach in an executive classroom-based learning. As individual you would be invited to join learning group with other active experience and prospective investors/ entrepreneurs. The seminars are designed that you learn from the speakers experience and also learn from one another. It highly interactive and provide you with real life opportunities to utilized the learning. The invited people are like minded individuals that can be an invaluable group of allies as you share your growth experience and future aspiration together

On attendance we often provide a certificate of attendance which is about to be accredited by renowned world leading institution and we will provide you with ongoing support and continual growth and development throughout your journey. 

or Call Us for Assistance at:

0161 7404484

What Our Customers Say

“It became clear straight away that he is very genuine

I have worked with sunday and entrepreneurial breed Team on several occassions, and is one of the best up and coming business personalities. When I first spoke to sunday about joining entrepreneural breed, it became clear straight away that he is very genuine and has a real passion for uniting and helping people achieve more and get to the next level in their business and wealth creation goals 


“Would highly recommend this company

With my little knowledge on property, the Entrepreneur breed team have been invaluable to me throughout the entire process. Can’t thank them enough. And would highly recommend this company to anyone willing to get on the investment ladder. 


“Sunday was a pleasure to work with"

Sunday was a pleasure to work with, attentive, curios and asking the right questions.

or Call Us for Assistance at:

0161 7404484

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